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Serving as a subisidiary to Island Group Enterprises (IGE), IVC is a leading manufacturer of Sodium Azide, Tetrazoles, Cesium derivatives, specialty fine chemicals and Pyridine derivatives.

As most of our products are hazardous, safety is a top priority. We have all necessary safety measures in place with regard to the processes, products and operations at our manufacturing plant. All of our employees are trained in safety and are adequately provided with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Our products consistently meet customer and international specifications and undergo stringent quality inspections at all stages. Quality control is always in effect, from raw material to the finished and packaged product, and includes in-process inspections with total traceability to the starting materials. The products are packaged conforming to the relevant national and international packing regulations and are provided with COA (Certificate of Analysis) and MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).

Our commitment to our customers, product quality, stringent processes, and timely delivery has made us a reliable source for all of our customers' continuous needs.

IVC has extensive experience and expertise in manufacturing and handling of hazardous processes and products such as Azides and Tetrazoles, with the highest commitment to quality and reliability.

We are proud of the IVC team, which consists of highly qualified and motivated chemists, engineers and business managers with vast experience in their respective fields.

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