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Our product portfolio includes Sodium Azide, Tetrazoles, Cesium salts (Carbonates, Nitrates, Iodides etc), Nipecotates, Picolinates and many other specialty fine chemicals.

Sodium Azide

5-Amino Tetrazole

Cesium Carbonate (50% Sol. and Solid)

Cesium Chloride (50% Sol)

Cesium Formate (50% Sol)

Cesium Hydroxide (50% and 55% Sol.)

Cesium Nitrate

Cesium Sulfate (50% Sol)

Isonipecotic Acid

Cesium Chloride (50% Sol)


Isonicotinic Acid

Picolinic Acid

Products of campaign manufacture:
(Manufactured against order. Lead time required)

1. Methyl Nipecotate
2. Ethyl Nipecotate
3. Ethyl Isonipecotate
4. Nipecotic Acid
5. Zinc Picolinate
6. Chromium Picolinate
7. 4 – Cyanopyridine – N – Oxide

We also undertake custom synthesis and contract manufacturing of new intermediates as per our customer specifications

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